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This service is planned to deliver the resources of the course to the students in the shortest time possible, whether online or in print. Prof. Dr. Suraiya Roschan Faroqhi, Dr. Hakkı Öcal, Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay, Prof. Dr. Ekrem Tatoğlu, Gökhan Gökçe and many more of our teachers are giving their lesson menus to our students with this service. What you need to do is simply specify the Resources you are using in the Course Code, Course Name and the relevant course framework.

Course Materials (text books, articles, book chapters etc.), faculty expect their students to use are purchased in multiple copies depending on the number of students in a course and expected usage every semester. These materials are made available to the students in different collections with varying loan periods depending on the expected usage.

Course Materials can be borrowed for 3 hours. That limited check out time ensures all students can access course materials items. Materials which kept in the Course Materials collection can be searched under the name of the academic or course code in the Library Catalog. The materials which are specified by lecturers for the course reading lists such as e-books, articles and book chapters can be accessed (in accordance with copyright laws) 7/24 electronically. IHU e-Mail User name and password are required to use this collection from off campus.

The Course Materials Collection is located at the Circulation Desk. For more detailed information, please consult the terms of borrowing.

Volume 4, Issue 1 (January 2019) has Been Published

Journal of Ibn Haldun Studies, Volume 4, Issue 1 (January 2019) Has been published.

New issue address is:

Journal of Ibn Haldun Studies (e-ISSN 2651-379X) is published by Ibn Haldun University, which is a referred bi-annual and blind peer-review. It has been published since the year of 2016. The journal publishes original Turkish, English or Arabic articles on the subjects of language, literature, history, art, architecture, sociology, theology and human and social sciences.

Journal of Ibn Haldun Studies indexed by:

İdealonline, 2016-
BASE, 2000
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