54th Library Week Celebrated with Music Concert

In order to promote citizens’ library usage and close familiarization with libraries, Library Week is celebrated on the last week of March every year in Turkey. Within the Library Week Celebration Programs which started firstly in 1964; conferences about library and librarianship, symposiums, panels, seminars are organized, exhibitions which introduce new publications to readers are held, educational and cultural films and presentations are showed, conversations and competitions on libraries and books are performed.


The 54th Library Week was celebrated on 26 March – 1 April 2018 with the theme of “Cultural Change and Libraries” in Turkey. The Library Week event was held in the IHU Library this year with a different approach. The Library Week celebrated with a music concert consisting of Anatolian melodies in the library between the hours of 16.00-17.00 on Friday, March 30, 2018. The concert was given by Ibn Hhaldun University Music Society. The memberm of the IHU Music Society are Dr. Mehmet Öncel, Alihan İnanli, Can Gülbağ, Dr. İsmail Erkam Tüzgen, Alim Uçar, Abdullah Enes Tüzgen and Dr. Ali Osman Kuşakçı.

User Rights and Responsibilities

The IHU Library’s primary mission is to support the instructional, reference, research, and administrative needs of the university’s students, faculty, and staff. Library facilities, collections, and services are also accessible to others whose information needs require these resources.

The Library is intended for research and study, to support the mission of the university, and to preserve and protect the collections for future users. Members of the university community (faculty, students, staff) have first priority to use library property, resources, and services. Persons not affiliated with the university community (guests, visitors, members of the general public) may enter library facilities to use collections and services. Any other use of library facilities by non-affiliated users is not permitted and may be considered trespassing.

The policies outlined in this document have been established for the safety, security, and comfort of IHU Library patrons.

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