Professor Raşit Küçük Donated His Books to Our Library

Library of Ibn Haldun University is enriching its broad collection of printed and electronic books on daily basis. In this context, the donations made by the philanthropists to our library are important as well. Recently, one of the prominent teachers of our country in Islamic Sciences, Prof. Raşit Küçük, donated his books to our university library.

Prof. Raşit Küçük’s library contains works in various languages, especially in Islamic sciences. Prof. Küçük is currently chairing the Turkish Religious Foundation Center for Islamic Studies (ISAM).

Because of this valuable donation, our Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Irfan Gündüz and our President Prof. Recep Şentürk visited Prof. Raşit Küçük at his office in (ISAM) and expressed their thanks on behalf of our university.

Who is Professor Raşit Küçük?
Professor Raşit Küçük was born in 1947 in Antalya. In 1966, he graduated from the Antalya Imam Hatip School, and in 1970 he graduated from Konya Higher Islamic Institute. In 1975, he was appointed as a lecturer in Erzurum Higher Islamic Institute in the Hadith and Islamic Ethics Department. In 1981, he was reassigned to Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute.

He completed his PhD at Social Sciences Institution of Marmara University in 1983, after he had started his PhD program at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences of Erzurum Atatürk University in 1979. He became an associate professor in 1997 and a professor in 2003. Prof. Küçük was the dean of the Faculty of Theology at Marmara University for five years. He was the founder and member of many foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations. After serving as President of the supreme Council of Religious Affairs between the years of 2011-2014 in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Küçük retired in June 2014, and hold the presidency of Turkey Religious Foundation Center for Islamic Studies (ISAM) up to date.

Prof. Raşit Küçük has many articles published in various journals, and he has presented papers to symposiums that he attended in Turkey and abroad. In addition to writing the encyclopedia articles, Prof. Raşit Küçük worked as a Master and PhD Thesis Advisor for nearly 40 students during his academic years.


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