External Users

Warning: External Users can benefit from the Library by making reservation until September 2019. To make a reservation you can call 0212 692 0212 (ext. 1142-1143). After September 2019, the following rules will apply.


External users can benefit from IHU Library services and facilities in accordance with the given rules. If you would like to use to the Library you may register as an External User of the library. External membership of the Library is available to those who are not staff or students of the University. Undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students and academicians are accepted as library members. If you want to use the Library permanently, membership is required. Membership is limited to one year. Members of the public may use the Library for reference purposes without members once a week.  Pre-university student can always come to the library for promotional purposes.


What you need for membership:

  1. Complete the External Users Member Form.
  2. Photocopy of university or academic staff ID.
  3. Provide one passport-sized photo.
  4. Library Member Card fee (25,00 TL).


The above materials should be submitted in person to the Library’s administrative staff, incomplete packets will not be reviewed. After approval external user may enter the library for the duration of the research requirement period.


User Types and Rights


   Temporary User  Higher Education Student and Academician  Pre-University Students and Members of the Public
 Member Card  No  Yes  Yes
 Membership Valid  Single Use  1 Year  1 Year
 Using Internet  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Access to Print and e-Resources  Restricted  Restricted  Restricted
 PCs, Printer, Photocopy Service  No  No  No
 Number of Borrowing  No  2 Books (15 days)  2 Books (15 days)
 General Reading Room  08.30 – 18.30  08.30 – 18.30  08.30 – 18.30
 24/7 Reading Room  08.30 – 18.30  08.30 – 18.30  08.30 – 18.30
 Deep Silent Study Room  08.30 – 18.30  08.30 – 18.30  08.30 – 18.30
 Library Usage Fee  No  No  200,00 TL
 Membership Card Fee   No  25,00 TL  25,00 TL



To borrow from the Library, you will need to pay an annual deposit of 200,00 TL for 12 months membership.


Restricted Access

Note that restricted access to the Library may be applied during the academic year in the run up to the examination period. This is reviewed each year, depending on the dates of the University’s Formal Exam Period.


Membership Card

Your membership card must be brought with you every time you use the Library, as this identifies you as a valid library user and allows you to gain access to the Library through our entry turnstiles.


Access e-Resource, PCs or Printer

External membership of the University Library does not include access to our networked PCs or to printing services. External users may access e-resources using our Walk-in Access User service with their own computers.


Access to Collections

All our print resources are listed on the Library Catalogue, available in the Library on a number of dedicated computers or from anywhere through an Internet connection. Unfortunately, due to demand, external members do not have access to all materials:

  • Items held in the Reserve Collection is for reference only.
  • Materials held on closed access or in store are not generally available to external members unless they are managed by Special Collections.
  • Audiovisual materials are not available to external members for reference or loan due to licensing regulations.



If you have any questions about external membership of the Library, please phone +90 212 692 0212 (ext. 1142-1143) or email library@ihu.edu.tr.