Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Weekdays : 08.30 – 18.30
Saturday : 10.00 – 17.00
Reading room : 7/24
Information for external users: Everyone can use the library. Guest users can benefit from our resources within the framework of user rights.
It is possible to get the books directly with the “Open Shelf” and “LC Classification” systems used in our library. You need to check with the library catalog whether the publications you are looking for are in the library. You can get the publications after you have found out the number from the library catalog. You can ask for help with books you can not find.
Periodicals are arranged in alphabetic order on shelves. You can search through the Periodical Publications link to find out whether the periodicals you are looking for are in the library and the available issue. Using the databases you can access any kind of information about the periodicals and the issues in the library.
You can borrow all information sources except from encyclopedias, manuals, atlas, dictionaries, periodicals, non-printed theses, and rare books..
– Academician: 10 units for 30 days
– P.hD: 7 units for 30 days
– Master: 5 units for 15 days
– Undergraduate: 3 units for 15 days
– Administrative Staff: 3 units for 15 days
You can view and extend the time period after you login to the system using the “My Library” link.
If the book you are looking for is borrowed, you can make a reservation. For this you need to login to the system using the “My Library” link. After you have logged in click on the “Reserve” link given the detail information of the source you want to reserve in the search result. When the book is returned, you will receive an email and the reserved resource will be held for 2 days in the lending section of the library.
Yes. You can cancel the book you have reserved. For this click on the red icon to the left of the source under the heading “Reserved” by logging into the system via “My Library” link.
Yes. You can make photocopies of copyrighted materials from library sources.
If you cannot find the publication you borrowed, please notify the library without losing time. In this case you are obliged to buy the new edition of the publication or to pay the price determined by the library.
Universities and departments may contribute to the development of the collection by asking them to provide the publications they want to be in the library. After signing in through the ” My Library” for ordering, you can fill out the “Publication Order Form” and request the purchase.
– A collection of textbooks and auxiliary resources.
– Resources that can be used in the library for 3 hours.
– Please refer to the Lending Desk for the books you want to use.