Guest Users

IHU Library is available to undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students and academicians, who are not staff or students of the Ibn Haldun University, are accepted as guest user.
Guest users can benefit from IHU Library services and facilities in accordance with the given rules below:

Guest users who wish to use the library should contact our library by phone to indicate their intended use and the day they wish to use.


Access to Collections, e-Resource, PCs or Printer

  • Guest users can benefit from the general study halls, printed and electronic resources, consultancy services, wireless network connection within the library.
  • Guest users do not include access to our networked PCs or to printing services.
  • Guest users may access e-resources using our Walk-in Access User service with their own computers.



  • Guest users are not entitled to borrow funds.


Restricted Access

  • Guest users may be prevented from entering the campus during periods of extraordinary security measures at the University.
  • The library has the right to limit its use in case of library density, exam week, university activities and so on.



If you have any questions, please phone +90 212 692 0212 (ext. 1142-1143) or email