Off-Campus Access

Access Address:


Off-Campus Access is a system that allows members to use the library’s databases from anywhere just as if they were on campus.

When you are off-campus and try to access one of our databases, you will get the login message and be asked to sign in to off-campus system with your IHU e-mail login credentials. Once you are connected to off-campus system, you will be granted access to all our databases for the duration of your session.


Access and Conditions:

  • Current IHU students, faculty and staff are now able to access the Library’s catalogue and subscription databases 24/7.
  • You need to know the IHU e-mail username and password for off-campus access.
  • If you need help about off-campus access assistance, contact the Library Helpdesk at 0212 692 0212 / 1142 – 1143 or send your questions to
  • Students, academics and administratives staff of Ibn Haldun University can benefit from off-campus service 7/24.
  • Off-campus system is compatible with all browsers and devices. No additional software or configuration is required.
  • Click on the image on the side to login to the off-campus access service.


How Does It Work?

Once you sign in, off-campus system alters URLs so that you connect to off-campus system  instead of accessing our databases directly. Off-campus system then connects on your behalf to the databases, obtains the webpages and sends them back to you.