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Members of Ibn Haldun University can borrow books and similar resources and audio-visual resources or use them in the Library.

If the books in the main collection are not requested by another user, their loan period may be extended 9 times.

The resources in the reservation collection are indicated in the electronic catalog by “Reserved”. “Reserved” resources can be borrowed for 3 hours. The last issues of newspapers and journals and their reference sources cannot be borrowed.

Books and other library resources can be borrowed for different periods depending on the type of users. Ibn Haldun University Library has various types of users. The number of sources and the duration of borrowing for each type of user are given below:


 User Category  Number of Books  Loan Period  Number of Renewals
 Undergraduate Students  3 pieces  15 days  9 times
 Graduate Students  5 pieces  15 days  9 times
 Ph.D. Student  7 pieces  30 days  9 times
 Academic Staff (Full time)  10 pieces  30 days  9 times
 IHU Alumni  3 pieces  15 days  9 times
 ILL* (Istanbul)  10 pieces  15 days  1 time
 ILL* (Outside Istanbul)  10 pieces  21 days  1 time

* Interlibrary Loan


Return Delay:

  • For the resources registered in the main collection, a penalty of 1 ₺ is charged per day.
  • For the resources registered to the reservation collection, a penalty of 1 ₺ is charged per hour.
  • For the resources registered in the audiovisual collection, a penalty of 1 ₺ is charged per day.

Payment Delay:

  • The delayed fee has to be paid to the accounting manager.
  • The payment receipt has to be handed over to the Library.


  • The user is obliged to show the university identity card during the borrowing procedure.
  • The borrowed information source should be returned on the day.
  • Users can extend the loan period over the Internet.


  • The Library expects all kinds of recommendations. You can submit your comments and suggestions at the suggestions page at library@ihu.edu.tr