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Disabled Users Services

Physical Facilities:
The services and facilities of the library are planned to be provided for all users’ requirements. Accordingly, access to the library, library entrance, shelf ranges, tables, and all other library units are suitable for physically disabled users. There are also disabled toilets on each floor of the library.

Technical Facilities:
For the visually impaired; headsets, computers, scanners, software (Abbyy Fine Reader), etc. services are provided in the library named e-library services. In addition, the library web page and electronic resources are organized with the infrastructure that will enable the visually impaired to benefit.

In order to support the education and research activities of disabled users, printed sources, which are requested by the users or selected by specialist personnel, are digitized. Digitized sources are put into service on a platform, that disabled users can access, considering the copyright.
If there is such a situation that can not come to the library, they can contact our Circulation desk during staffed hours at 0212 692 0212 / 1143 - 1246 or email library.ihu.edu.tr. We can have resources posted to their home address, copy the items that are requested, and renew and reserve the books online.

Guidance and Special Services:
Librarians help and assist disabled users with access to resources. Our hearing-impaired users are informed when the library closes. In addition, for these users, the introduction of physical areas, use of technical equipment, electronic resources, and services related to the content and guidance services are provided.