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Trial Databases

Trial databases are available to students, academic and administrative staff at Ibn Haldun University.

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Type : Hybrid Database

Content : It contains six databases on different topics. EduSearch; it is the primary source with full-text content in education and social research. It includes many Arabic journals, conference research, and seminars published in these branches. HumanIndex; covers many academic journals and conference proceedings published in Arabic in the Humanities. IslamicInfo; includes many Arabic academic journals and conference and seminar papers published in Islamic and Legal Studies. AraBase; covers almost all academic journals of Arabic science, literature, and linguistics published in Arabic, in addition to research work at conferences and seminars. EcoLink; includes many Arabic academic journals as well as conference and seminar proceedings published in the field of Economics and Business studies. Mandumah Dissertations; offers nearly 150,000 theses from various Arab universities.

Subscription Status : Trial