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Course Materials

You can access printed and electronic books and other materials in the syllabus here.

Library Course Materials Platform

The course materials platform is an infrastructure developed to present the main and auxiliary resources in the course syllabus together and to facilitate access to them.

Purpose of Course Materials Service

In order to support the education programs, the printed and electronic resources selected by the lecturers and instructors for their courses are made available to the students through the Library's website.

The course materials collection consists of the main and auxiliary resources in the course syllabus of the lecturers and instructors.  In the procurement of these resources (textbooks, articles, book chapters, etc.), priority is given to the electronic format, if available. Resources that do not have an electronic format are transferred to electronic media within the framework of possibilities.  The resources provided are organized and accessible in the course materials section through the library catalog system with the name of the instructor, course name, and code.

Printed resources in this collection are kept in a separate section and put into service with different borrowing periods. Electronic resources are made available 24/7 in accordance with their copyright.

Contents of the Course Materials Collection

Collection of course materials;

  • The main course material(s) selected for the course,
  • Recommended book chapter(s) for the course,
  • Recommended article(s) for the course,
  • Course summary, lecture notes, lecture presentation,
  • Pictures, maps, graphs, charts, charts links related to the course 


Access to Course Materials Collection

Printed books in the course materials collection are used in the library. Electronic materials are available 24/7 through the library's course materials platform.

  • The materials in the course materials collection can be searched or listed in the Library Catalogue by instructor name, course name, and course code. 
  • Printed course materials are available in a special area in the Library Information Unit.
  • Electronic course materials(e-books, articles, book chapters, etc.) can be accessed 24/7 in accordance with copyright.
  • Access to electronic course materials is provided with an IHU e-mail username and password.

Adding Materials to the Course Materials Collection

Faculty members and instructors can have the main and auxiliary materials in their course syllabus added to this collection at any time. To do this, they can e-mail a copy of the syllabus to library@ihu.edu.tr or send the information on the relevant materials to the Library via the course materials notification form.

For more information or assistance with the course resource service, please contact the Library.