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The First Issue of the 9th Volume of Ibn Haldun Studies Journal Published

The First Issue of the 9th Volume of Ibn Haldun Studies Journal Published
Volume 9, Issue 1 (2024) of the Journal of Ibn Haldun Studies has been published. The issues of the journal can be reached by clicking on the web address: https://journal.ihu.edu.tr/index.php/ihu1

The 9th volume, the 1st issue of the Journal of Ibn Haldun Studies, which is published twice a year, has been published.

The new issue of the journal included seven articles:

Competitive Strategies and Market Performance: The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in the COVID-19 Period

Ayşegül Eryılmaz Kıralı, Songül Zehir, Reha Özder

The relationship between competitive strategies and market performance of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic was examined. The findings are essential in explaining the impact of businesses' competitive strategy and entrepreneurship focus on market performance during the pandemic period.

The Relationship between Employee Happiness and Emotional Labor and Job Performance

Ceren Kösen, Hüseyin Arslan

This research, conducted on employees in the retail sportswear industry in Istanbul, examined the relationship between happiness at work, emotional labor, and job performance. Survey-based research results show that happiness at work plays a mediating role between emotional labor and job performance.

Change and Transformation of Journalism’s Codes of Conduct in Media’s Transition from Traditional to Digital: The New York Times Case

Mahmut Arslan, Selçuk Eren

It examines the impact of journalism professional ethics on trust through the New York Times newspaper. The research was conducted using the qualitative research method and was considered a New York Times case study. The research aims to contribute to finding ways to combat ethical problems experienced in the transition from traditional press to digital.

Key Approaches in Radicalization Research: A Literature Review

Halilibrahim Alegöz

The research emphasizes that the concept of radicalization has gained an important place in global security studies and academic research and has attracted even more attention, especially after terrorist acts. Additionally, it is stated that the increasing interest in radicalization in social science fields and the processes by which individuals are drawn towards embracing terrorism are examined.

An Etymological and Terminological Review on Suicide

Nefise Ladikli, Itır Tarı Cömert

Suicide is a public health problem with legal, medical, economic, social, and individual consequences. In addition to studies on suicide, more research is needed to predict and precisely prevent suicide risk. For these studies, it is necessary to understand the theoretical background and definition. This review deals with the etymology of the word suicide in Turkish and English and attempts to define and classify the phenomenon of suicide.

Exploring the Mechanisms Linking Self-Recognition, Cultural Identity, and External Respect: A Theoretical Inquiry

Shafiu Alidu

The research aims to create a conceptual structure that explains the complex interaction between individuals' self-knowledge, cultural identity, and the external respect they gain. The findings reveal the importance of acknowledging and appreciating unique personal identities, promoting cultural diversity, and confronting institutional inequalities. This study emphasizes that it is essential to value different identities in our societies.

19th and 20th-Century Islamic Scholars’ Approaches to Miracles

Abdüssamet Sarıkaya

Researchers state that modernist Islamic thinkers Abduh, Afghani, Rashid Riza, and Sayyid Ahmed Khan tried to establish a direct parallel between the Islamic faith and the values produced by the Enlightenment. Their modernist stance profoundly influenced the interpretation of the Quran. This stance caused severe ruptures in essential issues in traditional culture, and miraculous stories were also affected by this change. The possibility of miracles was also discussed similarly to the "natural religion" concept that emerged with the Enlightenment. In this context, thinkers have closely followed modern scientific developments and have felt the need to explain miracles within this framework.

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